Author: John Morton

  • Trying Not to Die Just Yet

    Trying Not to Die Just Yet

    Last Tuesday I got a headache at about 2pm. It was pretty bad and somewhat notable because I am not terribly prone to headaches. The following day the same thing happened. And now every day for a week. My Google search suggests that many people develop headache patterns mapped to their circadian rhythm. Good to…

  • Stressing  Out

    Stressing Out

    New Job Last week I accepted an offer to return to my former job at 3M. It is bittersweet in a number of ways, but mostly bitter. I won’t be returning at the same level I left. Instead, I’ll be at the very bottom of the ladder and have to work my way up.  I…

  • Untitled No. 1

    Untitled No. 1

    One of my problems is that I’m always taking on too many projects, and today is no different. In recognition of this problem, recently I attempted to wrap up one of my projects, the Fender Coronado II rebuild. It took several hours to correctly solder and stuff the electronic guts into the body, but I…

  • New Hostinger Hosting Customer

    New Hostinger Hosting Customer

    I didn’t realize I was going to write a whole hosting review today, but here we are. I was just going to type up and publish something simple so that I could know when my nameservers have updated. If you’re just a casual visitor of the web, you might not have had the displeasure of…

  • UX Career Journey Pt. 7

    UX Career Journey Pt. 7

    Over the weekend I recorded and uploaded a new video documenting the progress on my UX Career Journey. Jobs continue to be scarce and I find myself diving more into freelance and passion projects as time allows. The biggest update is that I am studying for the Series 65 License. So that’s something. Watch the…

  • Would I Do Designlab UX Academy Again?

    Would I Do Designlab UX Academy Again?

    It’s going to be a no for me, but if you have more means and more support, it could still be an okay option for you. From April 2022 through March 2023 I was in the Designlab UX Academy Bootcamp. I outline the costs, the course, and what did and didn’t work for me in…

  • The Holidays Are Hard

    The Holidays Are Hard

    This year I find myself struggling with the holidays more than usual. Never would I have imagined that instead of joy and happiness, the string of events from Thanksgiving to New Years would bring increased unease and discontent. Without kids or a significant other, I often feel subject to the whims of extended family. I’m…

  • Side Hustle Open For Business

    Side Hustle Open For Business

    Some annoying voices in my head are telling me that I’m going about this all wrong, but sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. There are no trumpets playing or ribbons to cut, but my online storefront is now officially open.

  • New Print, New Doubts, New Projects

    New Print, New Doubts, New Projects

    This week I finished up a new print. It’s called “Records Are Ritual” and pays homage to the collecting vinyl records. It is a 4-color print on natural color 100# cover stock. It is a numbered edition limited to 33 pieces.

  • Love Poem First Run

    Love Poem First Run

    Last weekend I finally printed a small print run of the Love Poem. As I write this I’m still navigating how I’m going to list and sell them in an online store front. Historically my attempts to sell art online have not gone well. At any rate, I thought I’d talk about some of the…