UX Career Journey Pt. 7

Over the weekend I recorded and uploaded a new video documenting the progress on my UX Career Journey. Jobs continue to be scarce and I find myself diving more into freelance and passion projects as time allows.

The biggest update is that I am studying for the Series 65 License. So that’s something.

Watch the full video below. Save yourself some time and watch it at 1.5 speed:

[00:00] Intro
[00:33] Current Job
[01:45] Current Job Prospects
[03:21] Completed Non-Profit Website
[05:17] Potential artist web site project
|06:26] Studying for Series 65
[07:35] Personal Finance Product Design
[09:55] What Needs To Happen
[11:19] Art Side Hustle Still Going
[12:15] Could I Sell My House?
[13:38] Stop Ignoring Physical Health
[14:30] What I’d Like To Happen
[15:36] Conclusion

Updates Since Recorded

I did spend much of the weekend working on some assets for my artist acquaintance’s site. This particular stakeholder also has a lot of things going on, so a lot of the uncertainty about the project is from their end. It sounds like we’re moving forward with it.

Today I am getting my elbow, back, and knee looked at. That is exciting.

New Single Coming?

In an effort to do some more of the things I enjoy, I’m looking at the possibility of recording and releasing an official music release for streaming platforms. If you’ve known me for a while, you probably know that one of my bucket list items is to record an album of original songs. An entire album feels daunting, but if I start with just one song, it might start to feel more possible.

I looked at DistroKid and Ditto Music this weekend and the cost to have your music distributed has come WAY down since the last time I seriously looked into it. Don’t hold me to this, but I think the first single might be a full-band version of my original song, “My Arm” and I’m toying with a cover of The Miracle’s “You Really Got A Hold On Me” as a b-side.

It’s still probably months away, but I’m allowing the thought to kind of enter the realm of possibilities.

All The Rest

Some other ideas are brewing. Time is always the enemy. I know this update has been overdue.


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