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  • Trying Not to Die Just Yet

    Trying Not to Die Just Yet

    Last Tuesday I got a headache at about 2pm. It was pretty bad and somewhat notable because I am not terribly prone to headaches. The following day the same thing happened. And now every day for a week. My Google search suggests that many people develop headache patterns mapped to their circadian rhythm. Good to…

  • Stressing  Out

    Stressing Out

    New Job Last week I accepted an offer to return to my former job at 3M. It is bittersweet in a number of ways, but mostly bitter. I won’t be returning at the same level I left. Instead, I’ll be at the very bottom of the ladder and have to work my way up.  I…

  • Untitled No. 1

    Untitled No. 1

    One of my problems is that I’m always taking on too many projects, and today is no different. In recognition of this problem, recently I attempted to wrap up one of my projects, the Fender Coronado II rebuild. It took several hours to correctly solder and stuff the electronic guts into the body, but I…