John Morton playing guitar

Raised in the ghost town of Northville, IL, where the nearest neighbor was half a mile away, I latched on to the Internet early on to connect with the world at large. My first illustrations consisted of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my first computer program was written on an obsolete Apple IIe.

UX Product Designer

Currently I’m seeking a full-time product design role. In 2019 I was the designer and developer of a project for a former employer that helped save over $3 million dollars by reducing overtime hours. That experience led me to augment my exisiting degree with some formal UX education.

Please check out my UX portfolio at johnmortonux.com.


Drawing was my first love. I will make art out of just about any supplies you give me. My basement is equipped with a screen printing studio. The exposure unit, washout booth, and vacuum table were built from scavenged materials.

I dabble in a variety of things from hand sewn notebooks and painting. I hope to get back into ceramics before my hands are too old and sore to work the clay.


From grades 4-12 I played the trumpet, but never much cared for it. I picked up guitar when I was 15 and have promised myself not to become one of those people who “used to” play guitar. One of my goals is to write and record an album of original material.


Writing is fun. I do some woodworking and furniture design here and there. There’s lots of other stuff. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for stopping by.