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  • Side Hustle Open For Business

    Side Hustle Open For Business

    Some annoying voices in my head are telling me that I’m going about this all wrong, but sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. There are no trumpets playing or ribbons to cut, but my online storefront is now officially open.

  • New Print, New Doubts, New Projects

    New Print, New Doubts, New Projects

    This week I finished up a new print. It’s called “Records Are Ritual” and pays homage to the collecting vinyl records. It is a 4-color print on natural color 100# cover stock. It is a numbered edition limited to 33 pieces.

  • Love Poem First Run

    Love Poem First Run

    Last weekend I finally printed a small print run of the Love Poem. As I write this I’m still navigating how I’m going to list and sell them in an online store front. Historically my attempts to sell art online have not gone well. At any rate, I thought I’d talk about some of the…