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Electronics being stuffed into a Fender Coronado II body

One of my problems is that I’m always taking on too many projects, and today is no different. In recognition of this problem, recently I attempted to wrap up one of my projects, the Fender Coronado II rebuild.

It took several hours to correctly solder and stuff the electronic guts into the body, but I finally got it done. The finally step is assembly of the parts. Alas, I cannot find the floating bridge and so this project remains unfinished until I find it or buy a replacement. Foiled again.

The Screener

Tomorrow I have a screening call about a UX job. This is the farthest have had an application go in a while. The job would be hybrid in Rockford, Illinois. Pay is $70-$90k. The screening call is 30 minutes or less and usually is just a litmus test to see if they really want to interview you. I’m excited and nervous as I’m a little out of practice. I had been taking some time off from applications because I wasn’t seeing a lot of opportunities. April marked the beginning of Q2 and there were quite a few new roles opening up, so I had to pursue a few of them.

The Series 65 Exam

Studying for the Series 65 has not been going well. I thought it would be a little easier. The exam material is only five chapters, but chapter two is 95 pages long (letter size, single spaced). The idea behind getting my Series 65 is two-fold.

1: In the interest of making myself a more desirable candidate, having passed the Series 65 might help me land a role as a Fintech product designer.

2: I think even when I land a full-time product design role, I will still have an interest in helping people with finances part time. That might mean taking the Series 65 and registering as a Registered Investment Adviser and/or getting some other credentials. It might be a part-time volunteer effort or something I do for experience to build a Fintech product on the side.

I’ve put studying aside the past couple of days in the interest of prepping for this screening call (as much as one can prep) and I’ll likely make up other excuses along the way. I have no real deadline for this as it’s just something I want to do. I did purchase some online study materials and I only have access to the practice tests through June 3. Maybe I’ll take a week off in May to cram.

The role I have the call about tomorrow is not in Fintech, but does have some parallels to my experience in manufacturing and logistics.

A Memoir Type Thing

Maybe it’s vain, but I’d like to have something tangible that says, “I was here. I had thoughts and experiences. Here are some of them.” I’ve made a couple haphazard attempts, but I find myself working on it again. It seems like a dumb thing to try to work on as I continue to work on things to advance my career, but it is necessary for me to have some sort of creative outlet. I can kind of chip away at this pieces at a time and doing so costs almost nothing.

In some ways it’s easy. I’m writing what I know and I don’t have to think about it too hard. In other ways, it’s very challenging to tie events and chapters together. Not every chapter needs to lead directly into the next, but some are definitely foundational and have more to do with setting up scenes for future stories.

Getting Healthy

Twice this week I have broken a sweat exercising. I’m also getting into the habit of making smoothies and freezing them for the week. It’s one of few ways I can trick myself into eating a good amount of greens.

Last week I started physical therapy for my elbow and some of the stretches they gave me have already had a very helpful impact. Unfortunately I can’t get my back evaluated until May 1.

Mostly I’m trying to get used to the idea that getting back into shape takes place in small steps. Too often I decide to go all out and work out harder than my body is used to and hurt myself.


It’s been a tough year because I had a specific budget for my UX education and absence from the work force. I was hired on at my current position when I was already out of runway, and I’m slowly digging myself out of that. I’m not actively seeking extra work right now, but probably will be by the end of May (unless I land the role in Rockford). I’m currently working with my credit union to get a personal loan to help eliminate some higher interest obligations and that will help immensely if it goes through.

All The Rest

These are the things that are happening right now. I am still often struck thinking about the album/songs I want to record, which side hustle to put my focus on, and what magical thing is going to bring me peace and happiness. I know that happiness is all in how we choose to view our situation. But lately it just feels like I’m trying to dig myself out of one hole in favor of a slightly better hole. I’ve read quite a few things that suggest this is just how it is in your 40s. I’d ask to be 50 already, but I know that will be here sooner than I think.


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