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  • Untitled No. 1

    Untitled No. 1

    One of my problems is that I’m always taking on too many projects, and today is no different. In recognition of this problem, recently I attempted to wrap up one of my projects, the Fender Coronado II rebuild. It took several hours to correctly solder and stuff the electronic guts into the body, but I…

  • New Hostinger Hosting Customer

    New Hostinger Hosting Customer

    I didn’t realize I was going to write a whole hosting review today, but here we are. I was just going to type up and publish something simple so that I could know when my nameservers have updated. If you’re just a casual visitor of the web, you might not have had the displeasure of…

  • UX Career Journey Pt. 7

    UX Career Journey Pt. 7


    Over the weekend I recorded and uploaded a new video documenting the progress on my UX Career Journey. Jobs continue to be scarce and I find myself diving more into freelance and passion projects as time allows. The biggest update is that I am studying for the Series 65 License. So that’s something. Watch the…