The Art Collective

Like a 24/7 Gym, but for Artists

As someone with a lot of creative pursuits, I find my home gets full of things to make art and music with. And I don’t need all of these things all of the time, but I need all of them some times. So it would be great if I could be a member of a group that has shared facilities in exchange for a monthly fee or other considerations (work volunteered to keep the organization going). I’ve just been calling this an art collective.

Here’s a video I recorded in early 2023 about the broad strokes concept.

When time permits I’ll update this page with additional details and thoughts (I have plenty). Currently I’m still focused on pursuing a career transition. Once that is complete, it may take me a while to save up funds to invest in bringing this idea to life in my local community.

But don’t let my current limitations stop you from pursuing something similar. Please share your ideas and findings if this is something you want to build in your own community. One thing I have found particularly frustrating are the very specific laws regarding how cooperatives can be funded.

Do you have something like this in your community? What’s working well? What could be working better?

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