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Process: Editing Separations (Again) For Print

Guitar playing robot closeup

Figure 1. Close up of The Guitar Playing Robot print in it’s nearly final state

Note: This is Part Three of a process post. For earlier posts see Process: Digital Art Editing of the Guitar Playing Robot and Process: What Counts As Cheating When Making Art?

Three months! That’s how long I’ve been editing separations¬†on this image and making little adjustments to it. Mind you I’ve got a full-time job and house to maintain and I’ve been working on some other art projects in the meantime. As disgusted as I am with my slow progress, I’m rather glad I didn’t call this done three months ago. To refresh your memory, here’s what it looked like then: Continue reading

Process: Love Poem Poster (Part 2)

Early Poster Mock Up

Early Poster Mock Up, 11 x 14

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about the words and meaning behind this work in progress. Today I’m doing an examination of the design process in my Love Poem Poster. Above is an early test on an actual 11 x 14 inch drawing pad. There isn’t any fancy lettering and it is mostly a test to play with some color and see if I could get all the words to fit. They didn’t. After I did this I realized I left out a whole stanza (“Gets together to study, does not grouse. Says, ‘Hey buddy, this one’s on the house.'”), but I found a way to make it fit later. Sort of. Continue reading

An Art Process: Making 25 Squares

25 Squares

25 Squares, mixed media on bristol board, 9x12in

When I first had aspirations of being a “real” artist I never thought I would get into making abstract art of any kind. It wasn’t something I really understood and even now it’s something that makes a lot of folks roll their eyes. Of course everyone’s definition of a “real” artist is something different. At the time I was in my teens and all I wanted to do was draw comic books, specifically Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. So I’m a little surprised at myself even now that I’ve learned to be a little flexible. Continue reading