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Musings On Love: What Is It?

Love TankWhat is Love? What is good for? How do we get it and why do we need it? This is the story that spawned my recent project concerning the Love Poem.

How and why I started thinking about this was quite accidental. I was watching a TED Talk about how environmentalists need to change the way they talk about saving the planet. Most of the time they are trying to scare people into polluting less so that our future isn’t so bleak.

It got me thinking about the stories we tell about the future. These stories usually depict some post-apocalyptic scenario of survival or maybe a seemingly utopian environment that comes at the great loss of liberty and expression due to an overreaching authority. Or killer robots. The reason for this may simply be that all good stories need a source of conflict and if I story takes place in the future, that setting is likely pivotal to the conflict. But what about the actual future? What does it have in store for us?

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