Following is a gallery of selected works, past and present.

Tank Sticker

Tank Sticker Design

Design for Love Poems & UFOs, part of the Love Poem Project, intended for 4 x 3 inch sticker. 2015

 Love Poem Typographic Poster

Love Poem Typographic Poster

Typographic design of the Love Poem. Intended to print 18 x 24 inches. 2015

 Guitar Playing Robot w/ Faux Frame

Frame Mockup

If there is one thing I am really into, it’s guitar playing robots. This is a digital mockup of one of my original illustrations inside a Non-Mitered Frame. 2015

Chalk Pastel Blog Post Illustration

Pastel drawing of John on sofa

Some times you need a very specific illustration for a blog post, or at least I did. The outline is drawn in pen and the image is colored in with chalk pastels. 2014

Guitar Playing Robot

Guitar Playing Robot

Another guitar playing robot, this time in a full body shot complete with amplifier in the background. Pen outline with graphite pencil shading. 2014

25 Squares (Blue)

25 Squares

If there is something other than guitar playing robots that I specialize in, it’s these squares. The squares typically measure 3/4″ with a 1/4″ drop shadow, but sometimes are scaled up or down for other page sizes. I’ve been playing with these squares since at least 2001. Mixed media on bristol board, 2014.

Billy Corgan by Dots

Billy Corgan by dots

This was a college assignment in pointillism. This took many hours to complete, no doubt while listening to The Aeroplane Flies High. Circa 2001.

3-D House Model

3D House design

Not my area of expertise per se, but this was fun to do. Years ago my parents bought an old brick house that use to be a stagecoach stop, post office, and later the residence of my great-great-great grandparents. The house is in need of a lot of work, and this was one possible model for putting an apartment on the second floor. Circa 2001.

Somonauk Bobcats Mural

High School wall muralMy sister’s graduating class commissioned me to do this piece in the high school. Looking back at it now I think it’s “okay,” but I’d prefer if there were more contrast in the fur and more detail in the eyes. I haven’t done much mural painting lately, but hope to again some day. Mostly I’ve thrown this up here to show how far I’ve come.

Back In Time

togrownupjemIf you really want to see how far my work has come, you have to check out this early piece from 1987. A couple years ago in a desk drawer in my parents’ house I stumbled across an envelope that read “Grownup John E Morton” on it. I hesitated for a bit wondering if I’d met all the grown up qualifications. Inside was this drawing to myself. No one knows how the letter got in the desk and no one remembers putting me up to this.