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The Search For Truth

Apple and wormWhat do we really know? I mean, really, really know to be the absolute truth?

Imagine you have an apple in your left hand and another apple in your right hand. You should probably know that you have two apples. Now imagine someone comes along, takes one apple from you, takes a bite of it, and hands it back. You don’t quite have two apples anymore, do you? You have one apple and most of another apple. Even if you took the bite from the apple instead of someone else, you don’t still have two apples. It’s close, but not quite two whole apples. That bite of apple is now inside of you. In fact, it’s now becoming a part of you. It’s being absorbed, turned into energy, and what isn’t turned into energy will become waste. You turned a bite of apple into part of a human being.

Let’s back up, back to when you had two whole apples, one in each hand. You decide you’re going to eat the apples, but maybe you’re going to wash them and cut them up first. As you’re getting ready to cut up the first apple you notice on the bottom a very small hole created by a worm. It isn’t really of much consequence and when you cut up the apple you see that the hole inside the apple has closed up, the worm has come and gone long before the apple was picked, the apple healed for the most part leaving only an almost imperceptible hole in the bottom through the skin of the apple. The worm’s bites are hundreds of times smaller than the first bite you take, but are no less real. The worm had its meal from your apple, turned that bite of apple in to energy and waste for itself, and left behind most of an apple for you. Most of it. A whole lot of it, but not all of it. So now it looks like you didn’t even have two apples in the first place.

The preceding is an excerpt from a work in progress.

Musings On Love: What Is It?

Love TankWhat is Love? What is good for? How do we get it and why do we need it? This is the story that spawned my recent project concerning the Love Poem.

How and why I started thinking about this was quite accidental. I was watching a TED Talk about how environmentalists need to change the way they talk about saving the planet. Most of the time they are trying to scare people into polluting less so that our future isn’t so bleak.

It got me thinking about the stories we tell about the future. These stories usually depict some post-apocalyptic scenario of survival or maybe a seemingly utopian environment that comes at the great loss of liberty and expression due to an overreaching authority. Or killer robots. The reason for this may simply be that all good stories need a source of conflict and if I story takes place in the future, that setting is likely pivotal to the conflict. But what about the actual future? What does it have in store for us?

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Are You A Thief? Music Piracy Today

Your iPod Is A Vampire

Your iPod Is A Vampire

For some time I’ve been working on a notion that one way or another we are all thieves. Sometimes willingly, sometimes incidentally, but we’ve all stolen something. I just can’t prove it yet.

Years ago I was employed at an art supply distribution center. The impetus is difficult to recall, but at some point a few days in I set a goal for myself: I would steal one rubberband for every day I worked there. Continue reading