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Are You A Thief? Music Piracy Today

Your iPod Is A Vampire

Your iPod Is A Vampire

For some time I’ve been working on a notion that one way or another we are all thieves. Sometimes willingly, sometimes incidentally, but we’ve all stolen something. I just can’t prove it yet.

Years ago I was employed at an art supply distribution center. The impetus is difficult to recall, but at some point a few days in I set a goal for myself: I would steal one rubberband for every day I worked there. Continue reading

Past Work: Untitled (Depression Video 2003)

Today I’m looking back at a past work that I did for school that documented my struggle with depression. Why? Maybe it’s just to show that everything isn’t about hopeful declarations about love or pop art robots. I wouldn’t say that this is a particularly great piece, but that it is at least important in the lessons I learned from it. You’re welcome to watch any and all of it, but be warned, it is not exactly riveting or short. Continue reading

The Tentative Quest

John playing guitar

February 2011. Apartment in Logan Square. Photo by DCH.

There are two moments in life in which I recall feeling most like anything was possible and both occurred at age 15. The first was during a family vacation in which we drove from Illinois to Colorado. I was listening to my portable cassette player through my headphones and the song playing sent a shiver up my spine. As the guitar swelled to full volume I couldn’t believe the power it had over me and I thought, “I wish I could do that…” immediately followed by “Why can’t I do that?” My parents nurtured my dream with a guitar and lessons and I’ve been playing ever since. Continue reading

Process: Love Poem Poster (Part 2)

Early Poster Mock Up

Early Poster Mock Up, 11 x 14

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about the words and meaning behind this work in progress. Today I’m doing an examination of the design process in my Love Poem Poster. Above is an early test on an actual 11 x 14 inch drawing pad. There isn’t any fancy lettering and it is mostly a test to play with some color and see if I could get all the words to fit. They didn’t. After I did this I realized I left out a whole stanza (“Gets together to study, does not grouse. Says, ‘Hey buddy, this one’s on the house.'”), but I found a way to make it fit later. Sort of. Continue reading

Free Stuff! Hand Drawn Dots!

Hand Drawn Dots

Perhaps I was feeling a little guilty about a simple review for today’s early post, or perhaps I knew that this offer wouldn’t stand well on it’s own. This is geared more for my creative friends who might have a use for it just as I do. Thousands upon thousands of hand drawn dots.

While working on an illustration I decided that instead of using Photoshop or Illustrator to create my halftone textures for me, I would create one for myself and cut it up digitally for my project. Here’s just a couple samples of what you might do to it. Continue reading