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Adventures in Screen Printing, Etc.

Love Poem Print

Love Poem Print. 12.5″ x 19″. Open edition on French Paper 80# Starch Rain Cover Stock

Last week I had my first successful print come out of my very own studio by my very own hands. It isn’t the finest print anyone has ever made, but it’s an important milestone for me. Now that I feel a little more comfortable with my process I am more confident about future prints and investing more funds into ink and paper. Also, you can buy your own copy now.

This particular design was out of practicality. If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have other designs that incorporate this poem that I wrote. This design came out of the fact that I had 100 sheets of this paper left over from a print that didn’t work out and I wanted to print something on it. It may be difficult to discern on your screen, but the actual paper has a slight blue tint to it. So this got a layer of white behind the larger letters so that the smaller print would really pop. Continue reading

Process: Guitar Playing Robot Final Chapter

At last the time has come to present the Guitar Playing Robot print! Nearly a year in the making, here is the final result and some thoughts and notes on the process.

Full-size actual print

Mom models the Guitar Playing Robot print for the camera

Note: This is Part Four of a process post. For earlier posts see Process: Digital Art Editing of the Guitar Playing RobotProcess: What Counts As Cheating When Making Art?, and Process: Edition Separations (Again) For Print.

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Progress Report: What’s Up Doc?

Under Exposed Screen

Failed screen exposure, February 27, 2015

Ack! I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties again. Here is a progress report.

The Love Poem Project

Unfortunately my Kickstarter project was not successful. I should probably be more disappointed, but just because I didn’t get funding for the prints doesn’t mean the idea is dead. I hope to use the words and some of the imagery in future projects even if these exact posters don’t get printed.

Job Leads

A couple things of interest have come up. Most notable is a possible lead out in California. That’s a big move and a big change of scenery, but maybe it would be a great opportunity. I hope to be hopping on a plane shortly to go check it out. Continue reading

Big Ideas!: The Ideal Drawing Table

Antique Drafting TableLast summer I acquired this antique drafting table. It is a style that was made for over 50 years and I’d never seen on in person, but was quite enamored with the cast iron hardware. I had even considered making a table from scratch, but to my dismay no one makes reproduction hardware for the large half circle bits.

As is the aesthetic is almost perfect to my taste. A darker color might be a little better. Functionally it leaves a little bit to be desired. It’s pretty solid all around, but the top rocks a bit. This could probably be solved with a bit of teflon tape around the carriage bolts. The other feature that is slightly bothersome to me is the cross bar that is in the front and back. The back one is fine, but the front one gets in the way of where I want to put my feet. I’m not sure where other people put their feet when sitting and drawing, but mine go right about there.

Lastly there is one major flaw with this table. The drawing surface isn’t see through. This never used to be an issue for me, but with the kind of work I’ve been doing with screen printing it is helpful to have a lightbox. I own a small lightbox, but larger models are much more expensive. Back in college we had drawing tables and dedicated light boxes, but why can’t the two co-exist?

Of course, they can and I doubt I was the first to think of it. Studio Designs offers a number of glass top drawing tables, always mentioning that propping a light behind makes for a good lightbox. The issues I have with most of those designs is that the top doesn’t tilt much and it’s a cold blend of glass and cheap steel. Why can’t we set a glass or plexiglass top into a solid wood table like the one pictured above?

I’m torn between a clear piece of glass, a frosted piece of glass, and a slightly textured piece of plexiglass.

Now I have seen some wood and glass top drafting/lightboxes, but they are usually very large and bulky due to the size of fluorescent bulbs and ballasts. In this age of LED lighting, that shouldn’t have to be the case anymore.

So there you have it: my ideal drawing table. Much like the design above with a clear top, the option to backlight it with LEDs, and relocated cross bar. Now I just have to figure out how to make one. What features would you add to your ideal drawing table?



Love Poems and Flying Saucers (Part 4!)

Flying Saucers in the night
Things are happening in the studio! The studio is also my living room and dining room, but I’m not talking eating and watching television. The last couple of weeks I have failed to write my regular Tuesday updates. During that time I’ve been seizing every moment to create content and haven’t had time to write about creating the content. So this update serves bridge the gap.

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Process and Philosophy: Love Poem Posters (Part 3)

Alien Love Poster

When I first shared this back in July [Work In Progress: Love Poem Sign] the idea was to design in a single color for letterpress and put all the verses of the poem [Process: Love Poem Poster (Part 1)], but soon decided to go a “text only” route fearing that it would look too cluttered with the idea that some parts would live on as illustrations for standalone prints, shirts, or postcards. Continue reading