The Abridged Story of John Everett Morton

On the surface I appear to be a relatively normal guy. I’ve got a job, a mortgage, student loans, and all those things. Below that though, I have a passion to be an artist, writer, and a musician and as time passes it becomes clearer to me that I won’t be content until I achieve that goal.

Upon graduation from college I struggled to find a career in the arts and settled back into warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing, with brief stints as a real estate agent and substitute teacher. I would lie to myself and say I didn’t want to turn the thing I loved into a career. Too many years later I realize that weekends and a couple hours after work each day are not sufficient time to work on the things that are most important to me. The challenge now is to figure out how to make the transition from blue collar worker bee to a full-time creative entity. This site serves in part to chronicle that journey.

Dreams, Goals, Projects

Build Guitars: I don’t have plans to start my own line of guitars per se, but I have at least two designs of my own that I’d like to see come to fruition. In terms of existing guitars they are closest in design to the Fender Telecaster and Coronado II. I’d like one of each for myself and maybe if other folks liked them I’d make a couple for them, too.

Make Music: Currently I have enough material for a full length album, but I also have plans for an ambitious double album. First things first though. Once I get some money scraped together I’ll cut my teeth on a mostly acoustic EP before moving on to bigger things. You can hear a few examples of my originals and covers at Soundcloud and YouTube.

Publish A Book: In 2008 I participated in National Novel Writing month and wrote a short novel clocking in at just over 50,000 words. It’s not very good, but I like to write. Currently I’m working on a non-fiction work that might turn into a book.

Make More Art, Better Art, Bigger Art: I’ve never completely stopped making art, but the kind of art I make has changed over the years. One of my favorite things to draw are guitar playing robots, influenced heavily by my early love for comic book art. In school I was exposed more to conceptual art and I enjoy blurring the lines between what people consider fine art and pop art. Sometimes I find ways to incorporate music and writing into my art either through stream of consciousness ramblings or original music compositions. In the future I’d like to continue to challenge myself and create more realistic and technically difficult works of art.

Make A Difference: Making a difference in the world doesn’t have to be one big grand gesture, but can be the culmination of a hundred little deeds. It’s all well and good to draw robots and sing songs about robots, but at regular intervals I have to ask “How am I using my talents to challenge people and make the world a better place?”

Need to know more about me? Ask me in an e-mail. If you’re nice (or get me drunk) I might tell you about how I became a monk.