Progress report: End of March 2015

Once again I have fallen behind my posting duties here. You’d be surprised how long it takes to craft a well thought out meaningful post. So here are some highlights:

Love Poem Film Positive

Love Poem film positive for exposure

  • My screen printing studio is coming along. It’s been a bunch of highs and lows as I figure out one thing and then fall on my face at another. Above is a film positive for screen in which I hope to print a new design of my Love Poem which was featured over at Kind Over Matter today.
  • I’ve been to the West Coast!. Last week I got back from California where I was checking out the LA area and investigating a job opportunity. More on that later.
  • In addition to the opportunity out west, I’ve still been thinking about the Tentative Quest, in which I tour all 50 states taking my art and music with me. It still sounds crazy, but the idea is getting harder to shake.
  • Whatever is coming, I feel like the changes are big and scary, but I guess that’s just part of life. When I quit my job two months ago I put those changes into motion and the only way to kind of avoid the coming changes is to take on another factory job somewhere, which I’d really rather not do. As much as my house is starting to feel like a home, I feel like I may have to let go of it to help usher in whatever change I choose.
  • I’m hoping to make some updates to this website soon, maybe even a new name. I feel like “” is a lot to type out. Right now my biggest focus is getting my screen printing process going (even as the possibility of selling my home becomes more real), so I haven’t be as diligent about updating this site. However, you can still see pretty regular updates at my Facebook page and Instagram.

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