Free Stuff! Hand Drawn Dots!

Hand Drawn Dots

Perhaps I was feeling a little guilty about a simple review for today’s early post, or perhaps I knew that this offer wouldn’t stand well on it’s own. This is geared more for my creative friends who might have a use for it just as I do. Thousands upon thousands of hand drawn dots.

While working on an illustration I decided that instead of using Photoshop or Illustrator to create my halftone textures for me, I would create one for myself and cut it up digitally for my project. Here’s just a couple samples of what you might do to it.

Inverted Dots

You could invert it for a slightly different look. And if black and white isn’t your thing, maybe a nice red overlay would work? Blur it? Burn it? Twist it? Bop it? jemdots_aug2014_invred

With any luck I’ll have my illustration much farther along next week and can share how I’ve used these dots. Part of the appeal to this texture for me is the randomness of it. It isn’t a perfect halftone. It’s the kind of look I feel best benefits from actual human hands instead of computer work. Part of the reason I’m sharing this is because I have just one project in mind for it and it seems a waste to keep it to myself. If you do download it for an image or Photoshop/Illustrator brush, I’d love to see what you did with it.


To Download: Right click on the top image and select “Save Link As…” or whatever your browser says that is similar. The file is 600dpi grayscale and unaltered from the original scan. You may need to adjust contrast/brightness, etc. for your desired effect.

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