Work In Progress: Love Poem Sign

Love Sign

Here is a work in progress that has sort of come out of nowhere. It is something of a love poem in that it’s a rhyming poem about love. This is quite a bit different from other things I’ve done. Here’s how it came to be.For some time now I’ve been writing down a series of thoughts and musings that may become something more. These musings cover a wide variety of topics including technology, religion, education, controversy, death, life, and the topic at hand, love. 

So as I was making a list of qualities and attributes of love (in the most general sense) and the ways it manifests, it occurred to me that it might make a good poster playing with handwritten type. So I started to refine the list and it occurred to me further that pictures could accompany some of the text. Then I started to refine the text further and some of it rhymed. It must have been the songwriter in me. So I looked at the list and thought I may as well make them all rhyme. So I did.

It’s a work in progress. What you’re looking at is just under one half of the completed poster idea. The tentative plan is to have the final design printed on an 18 x 24 poster with a letterpress. This part of the composition looks like this to scale. The white spaces below will be where the final half of the elements take their place.

Poster ThumbnailThe good news is that the words are pretty much set. I might change one or two around. Looking at the design so far I’m pretty pleased, but I might rework some aspects. So far I’ve drawn everything to actual size, but I might redraw many at twice the size and shrink them down. As discussed in an earlier process post, this technique helps hide flaws. Right now I’m using my beloved Faber Castell PITT pens, but they are starting to dry out. If I draw at twice the size I can switch to Sharpie markers, which are cheaper and have a much thicker line.

My favorite part of this design so far is the flying saucer. It’s one of the earlier drawings and I spent a lot more time on it. The “O” in “Love” kind of bugs me. It was supposed to be an abstract shape, but I don’t like how it turned out. I feel like there could be more detail in “Fights no wars” and the words “Creepy Crawly” could take up less space while the “Donate Blood” panel could benefit from larger text all around. Finally, I’d like to rework some of the elements so that they overlap or cooperate with one another and not have as static of a grid look. It isn’t essential, but will be that much more impressive where I can make it work.

I could share the entire poem right now, but I prefer to keep some things a surprise. If you would like to see progress on this work as it happens, I encourage you to check out my Facebook Page. When the work is finished and I’m happy with it, I may launch a Kickstarter campaign to print a run of them on a letterpress machine. Stay tuned for details!



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