Welcome! (And Happy Birthday To Me)

25 Squares in red, yellow, and blue

From Left to Right: 25 Squares Red, 25 Squares Yellow, 25 Squares Blue. 9×12 Mixed Media.

It’s that time of year again. I am one year older and I’d like to celebrate a happy birthday with you. Over the past four months I have been semi-secretly working on this website. When you first start a website you don’t have a lot of content, so it seems silly to say, “Come look at my new website!” when there isn’t much to look at.

On Tuesdays I’ve been making updates to the blog section and you can go back and read the ones that look interesting. In a sense a website is never done and certainly there are some things I hope to change here over time. The logo looks a little wonky on smartphones and some pages could be dressed up a little more. These refinements will come with time.

Yesterday I started going through the artwork I could find and uploading pieces to Etsy for sale. My store is at ThreeChordMe.Etsy.com. If you don’t already know about Etsy, it is an online marketplace where you can find handmade goods from a number of independent artists and craftspersons.

Today marks my 33rd birthday and it holds some silly significance for me. And since I’m trying to further my works and get them into the hands of others, from now until Sunday I’m holding a big sale on all my works. All orders over $15 can use a coupon code at Etsy to take 33% off your entire order!

If it isn’t totally apparent, I’ll spill the beans now: I’m not exactly making a living as an artist. For the last eight years I’ve been working third shift in a machine shop. It’s just something I fell into and it’s not something I care to do the rest of my life. When asked what I’d like to be I usually tell people I’d prefer to be a rockstar astronaut painter, meaning I’d like to go to the moon and draw, paint, and play my guitar. That would be pretty cool, right? Now I’m not pursuing the astronaut thing, but it would be great get paid to be creative. It’s challenging to work on art, music, and writing while working a full time job and maintaining (and repairing) my house, which I just purchased last year. Success isn’t something that happens over night, but you have to start somewhere and this is where I’m starting.

So how do you get the coupon code? Well, there is a small catch. You have to contact me through this website and check the box asking to sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to send messages too often and you can opt out any time. You’ll get an e-mail back shortly with the coupon code. Many of the works for sale have been discussed here before such as the Devil Bones and Firewheel prints and parts of my 25 Squares series. Some are new, like this one:

Tired of Talking About Art

Tired of Talking About Art. Mixed Media mounted on 8×10 black cotton paper.

If you’d like some art of mine, but just can’t swing it now, you should like my page at Facebook. I’ll be doing some giveaways there from time to time.

So that’s my real introduction and sales pitch. I hope you’ll take a look around and send me some feedback or comment on my posts. If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot that you’ve taken this time out of your day to see what I’ve been up to.

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